Welcome Travelers, meet our party!

Micaela B - Arch Executive Officer (CEO) Fun fact: Micaela is an Army Veteran!

Ryan B - High Alchemist (Co-Founder) Fun Fact: Ryan can play almost any instrument you throw his way!

Aria B - The Party Mascot - She is currently napping on her cat tree. Best know as: "the bean". Fun Fact: Aria loves making biscuits!

Here at Crescent Moon Alchemy Co, our mission is to inspire our customers to embrace the realms of fantasy through our charming selection of mystical wares. We sell a variety of handcrafted potions, dice shakers, suncatchers, and various eccentric stationery products to satisfy all of your magic and non-magic needs. 

Our shop has something for everyone, and we love to introduce new items regularly. We want to inspire our customers to have fun and express themselves through our magical products, all while staying as eco-friendly as possible! We are passionate about creating a greener future and combating climate change. That's why we proudly donate a portion of our revenue each month to support initiatives that focus on renewable energy, carbon offset projects, and sustainable practices. By doing so, we aim to make a meaningful contribution towards building a healthier and more sustainable planet for generations to come.

We have partnered with Ecologi to help fund carbon reduction projects! A percent of every order goes toward rebuilding our magical planet. 

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