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D20 Potion of Darkvision

D20 Potion of Darkvision

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- These potions are a SLOW RISE potion! 


✦ Clear potion with white swirls when shaken and teal glow in the dark powder
✦ Glass Bottle Size: approx. 3.5 in. tall x 1 in. wide
✦ Green glow dice with black numbers

***glows in the dark after being exposed to direct sunlight, indoor lighting, or for a more intense charge, use a bright direct light source like a black UV light

*** Every potion is unique - colors might be lighter or darker than the ones pictured ***


✦ 1 Potion
✦ 1 Mesh Bag 

*Treasure Chest is NOT included*

✦ Shake potion to get the glitter swirling
✦ Flip the potion over to where the wax seal is flat on a hard surface
✦ Watch as the die floats to the top and reveals your fate!

Contained within each potion bottle is a floating 20 sided die, typically used in D&D. Shake the bottle and see the transparent potion magically change into a beautiful, shimmering elixir. Then flip the bottle over and watch as the dice floats to the top of the swirling cloud, revealing your roll!

Not only can you use these potions for your next D&D sesh, but they can also be used to determine where to eat, what self-care routines you do for the day, or how about what your next date night will be! All you need is a roll sheet and a couple ideas! There are endless possibilities (or at least 20!) Check out our tiktok page for more examples @crescentmoonalchemyco

✦ Tabletop RPG
✦ Cosplay
✦ Sensory/Fidget Toys
✦ Fun Math Teaching Tools
✦ Gifts

MATERIALS: Glass Bottle, Water, Salt, Glycerin, Synthetic Mica Powder, Glow Powder, Sticker Paper, Twine, Wax, Hot Glue, D20 Die.

✦ Potions are made to order with a processing time of 1-2 weeks
✦ Shipped in a small (4x4x4) box with plenty of cushion
✦ We try to be as eco-friendly as possible! We use recycled craft paper and biodegradable materials in our packaging. 

***Important Notes***
Allow 20-30 minutes for glitter to fully settle after shaken
✦Treasure Chest NOT included
You may experience duplicate or skewed rolls due to the liquid and/or how vigorously you shake the bottle
✦Potions MAY have salt build-up around the top rim, don't worry your potion is NOT LEAKING - it is caused by excess water dripping out of the lid AFTER we seal it! However, if it does continue to leak after a few days, please contact us so we can resolve the issue!

Potions are used as props/decor and are NOT for consumption


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